'life is worth remembering, how will you remember yours"?

Quality film and photography covering every aspect of your most memorable day. Moments to cherish forever. HM Media offers professional, high-quality, and most importantly- statuesque images and film. Knowledgeable and experienced in the wedding scene, you can assure your wedding day is in comfortable, safe hands


You simply can't place value on an experienced professional at a wedding. Your photographer and videographer need to know what will happen before it does, anticipate moments, be flexible on the spot, know how to help you schedule your day-of timeline, and be able to conquer any lighting condition. 

Having both your photography and videography bundled together in the same team is a lifesaver! This allows a discussion with the whole team meaning everyone is on the same page. We are individually able to work together and make the day smooth sailing knowing when and where and what's happening. 

Our personality is one that you'll love working with over the next year or two - because it's practically like you're going to be dating us for the next couple of years! Your photographer and videographer are one of the wedding vendors that you'll have contact with the most before, during, and after your wedding, so make sure they have a personality that's knowledgeable, calm, and has a pleasant demeanor that you'll want around you for a while.

We understand no wedding day is the same. Feel free to contact me to discuss what is important to you and what you would like to be included in your day.

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